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For the new hair to Prague!

For the new hair to Prague!

It is the largest centre of hair transplantation in the Central Europe. In more than 20 years, the best specialists have performed over 5,000 hair transplantations with a lifetime warranty. We are talking about INTER CLINIC Praha–Radotín, a clinic of plastic and hair surgery, where patients from all over the world are heading.

While women have breasts enlarged most often, men have a completely different motivation: a hair transplantation.

Why hair are falling down?

The hair loss is caused by the male sex hormone testosterone. After its conversion to dihydrotestosterone, this hormone causes death of hair follicle and subsequent balding. Typically, men are balding on the top of the head, or have a receding hairline or a high forehead and a large baldpate is formed on the head. However, hair almost never fall out from the area above the ears and back of the head. Why? Hair follicles are genetically "healthy" in these places and the conversion of testosterone does not take place there.

Hair transplantation principle

In the beginning of the last century, scientists found out that when the "healthy" hair follicles are transferred to the place where the sick ones ceased to exist, hair normally grow farther and no longer fall out. "Basically, the hair follicles should be carefully removed and then inserted into the skin to take root and grow in a natural way," Milan Dvořák, a founder of INTER CLINIC, said. By the way, he is a living proof that transplanted hair grow after 20 years of transplantation without problems. "In the U.S., which is a cradle of hair transplantations and where our doctors have been trained, I have seen great results of the procedures. After returning to the Czech Republic, I underwent the transplantation immediately and I am one of the first Czechs with transplanted hair," Milan Dvořák said. His clinic is the only clinic in the Czech Republic that provides a lifetime warranty on the growth of transplanted hair.

Hair will not grow "while-you-wait"

The chief of the oldest Czech hair clinic says that the whole process of the hair transplantation, i.e. taking grafts and their insertion into pre-prepared mini-holes, takes even 4 hours and is performed under local anaesthesia. However, who expects to leave the surgery room with "new" hair, will be disappointed: the transplanted hair grow fully until after 2–3 months. Therefore, the patience is necessary. However, nicely growing hair cover that will not definitely fall out is the reward. And the price? One micro-graft costs EUR 4. Therefore, the complete procedure may cost about EUR 2,500–6,000.
What is the ideal age for the transplantation? Whenever after twenties, ideally after thirties
According to Milan Dvořák, an ideal age is after thirties, but younger persons have undergone the hair transplantation too: "The age ranges between 25 and 70 years of age. The oldest patient was 78 years old and he arrived to us from San Paolo. Approximately 15% of clients with transplanted hair is in the retiring age. Prevailing category of patients are of the age of 35–50. However, when looking at the structure of queries, clearly leading candidates are in the age group of 30–45 years.

The procedure not only for celebrities

When an unnamed football forward underwent the hair transplantation in summer of 2011 and entered the new season with a noticeable "lawn", the British took hair clinics by storm. A well-known person, showing that the transplantation works, was a great advertisement for all of the hair clinics in Britain. And what about the Czech Republic? "Of course, celebrities including professional athletes undergo the hair transplantation, but they do not confess it to the public and media diplomatically ignore their mops of hair strikingly enlarged," Milan Dvořák said and continued: "While women celebrities are often discussed how big implants have been chosen by one or another or where one or another has let remove fat by suction, the hair transplantations are not discussed in this way."
According to INTER CLINIC's chief, this procedure is not asking only by celebrities. Among almost 5,000 clients, we can find a diverse mix of gentlemen of various age and various social status, while managers and traders prevail.

Service for foreign clients

The clinic provides foreign clients with transfer from airport and an overnight stay at the clinic. However, clients may go home or to a hotel immediately after the procedure. "Many of our clients come to Prague for the cosmetic procedure primarily, but they do not deprive of the beauty of our capital city. So, they see the city, visit historical sights and then undergo the hair transplantation in our clinic. We can say that they combine business with pleasure," Milan Dvořák concluded.

Are you interested in on-line consultation? Send your photo to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the clinic will immediately send you an estimated price for the procedure.

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