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A new sightseeing boat on Vltava river

A new sightseeing boat on Vltava river

  Katia Petersen
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Prague Steam Navigation Company has one more reason for celebrating, as the newest pleasure boat named Bohemia Rhapsody has been to cruise Vltava river since May.

According to Štěpán Rusňák, the executive director of the Company, the idea of building Bohemia Rhapsody was meant to meet the demand of its sister boat´s callers. The older Grand Bohemia was launched just a year ago and its popularity exceed all expectations. As there was not enough capacity to satisfy, the visitors have now had an opportunity to visit the more spacious and even more luxurious vessel.

As well as her sisterly one, Bohemia Rhapsody was built in 212 days in Derben, Germany. Bolle shipyard designed that boat on the basis of its own original project, which was then modified for local conditions.  Fulfilling the highest European standards, Bohemia Rhapsody  is noiselles, safe and able to accommodate 220 passengers.  Its speed reaches 20 kilometres per hour, which fact classes this boat among the fastest ones!

If you want to acquaint yourself with Prague while spending beautiful times on one of the local, commodious and comfortable boats , Bohemia Rhapsody is the right choice for you. It´s 44,97 meters long, 7,54 meters wide.

Its daily circular tour begins at its home port,  Kampa, and is heading to Štvanice, giving you an opportunity to feast your eyes on the sightseeings. It´s a matter of course that the comentary is available in 8 world languages.

If decided to spend your time on Bohemia Rhapsody, what can you expect? – Just one deck, equipped with glass sliding roof, first-rate air-conditioning and acoustic isolation. Do not worry when you are surprised by rain during your tour – thanks to air conditioning, a high visibility is guaranteed!

In the evenings, you are able to do a private cruise anywhere you want, anywhere it´s possible – whether to Troja or Vyšehrad.

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