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Beer sales grow on the Czech market

Beer sales grow on the Czech market

  Katia Petersen
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Beer sales, after five years of fall, grew by 2 percent in 2014. Czech beer has an excellent quality at a good price, but the Czech market was frozen in past years. Beer has the dominant position among all alcoholic drinks in the Czech Republic: more than 85% of total volume of alcohol consumed in the Czech Republic is beer.

The Czech Republic as a consumption and production world leader

The Czech Republic is world’s leading country in beer consumption. With 160 litres per head and year there is no competition among the other states: each adult adult non-abstinent drinks on average at least one beer (half a liter) a day.

The Czech total beer production is around 19.8. million hectoliters, which makes only 30% of total beer production of Great Britain. But the production relative to population (production per capita) makes the Czech Republic world leader.  About 18% of the production is being exported (compared with only 13% of EU25 average), which ranks the Czech Republic as ninth biggest world beer exporter.

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