All about Prague

All About Prague - capital of the Czech Republic

Prague is the capital od the Czech Republic and historical capital of Bohemia. Prague is the largest city in the country and it is situated in the heart of Bohemia, on the Vltava river. Prague has many complimentary names, one of them is ‘The City of a Hundred Spires’.

Prague is included in the Unesco list of World Heritage Sites as a historical point of interest. Prague is also in the Guinness book for Records for having the largest castle in the world – Prague's Castle covers 18 acres.

All about Prague

Prague's Inhabitants

The population of Prague is estimated at 1.3 milions of inhabitants, from which 14% are foreigners. Largest groups of foreign residents are of these nationalities: Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia and Vietnam.

Because of the 40 years lasting comunism (1948 - 1989) almost 35 % of inhabitants declared not to have a religion in a recent census. Circa 10% of inhabitants declare to be Roman Catholic (in 1991 it was 40%) and 45% of inhabitants refused to answer the question about their religion in the last census.

All About Prague

Urban Area of Prague

Urban Area of Prague is 496 km2. Prague is the 14th largest city in Europe. The elevation of city is between 180 and 400 m above sea level.

Prague is divided in 22 administrative districts (Prague 1 - Prague 22) and in 112 cadastral areas (e.g. Mala Strana, Hradcany, Stare Mesto etc.).

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