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Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Charles IV was born in Prague on May 14 in the year 1316. Although his original name was Wenceslas but Charles IV is famous with the name of Charles of Luxembourg. His father John was the king of Czech but people actually hated his father because of being a non-Czech.

Therefore John used to keep travelling and Wenceslas often travelled with his father. Charles married four times and became father of many children. But some curse didn’t let his children survive long. Only one out of his of many children named Sigismund Charles’ survived who after the death of his father got the crown. On November 29 in the year 1378 Charles IV died and was buried on December 15 in St. Vitus Cathedral’s royal crypt.  

Charles IV’s political career

Charles IV before becoming the king helped his father in ruling the country. His father the then king of Bohemia faded his eyesight so Charles IV controlled the rule and after the death of his father he officially took the throne of Czech in 1346 and ruled the country for almost 32 years. He soon became the Holy Roman Emperor the first ever Bohemian king to become the Holy Roman Emperor.

Father of Czech

Charles IV is known as the “Father of Czech”. He was a good king the people of Czech love him even now. Czech continued to grow under his rule and an expansion in the territory of Czech lands occurred. Charles IV was very intelligent and had command over 5 different languages. He is famous for being an excellent diplomat. Charles IV touched the heart of the people of Bohemia. He did so much for them that they can never forget him. He gave them a country which would make them feel proud.

Remarkable developments

It was under his rule that the country flourished. It’s safe to say that time of his rule was the golden age of Czech. Previously the official language of Czech was Latin and German but Charles IV promoted the Czech language as the official language. Charles for the development of Prague started many building projects such as the St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge and Prague’s New Town. For the first time in the history of Central Europe a university was established by the name of Charles University. Charles IV also constructed the castle Karlstejn and the imperial jewels and other treasures were protected in that castle. He had a keen interest in developing the country economically and intellectually. He is the pioneer of introducing the imperial elections procedure by the name of “Golden Bull”.

Influence in whole Europe

Charles IV influenced the whole Europe and Prague under his rule became the most prosperous city of Europe. Bohemia continued to become stronger and stronger and people from different parts of Europe stated migrating to Bohemia. He worked dedicatedly for the country and developed Prague in such a way that it became the cultural capital of Central Europe.

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