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Prague Castle

The largest ancient castle in the world is the Prague Castle, covering an area of almost 7.3 hectares. The Castle on average has a height of 570 meters and is 128 meters wide. It is important as it is one of the most popular sights visited in Prague. The Castle was constructed in the 9th century as a wooden fortress and earthen bulwarks surrounded the Castle.

The imposing form that the castle has today is a result of the reconstructions. The castle underwent four major construction phases. During the reign of Maria Theresa in the 18th century a classical facelift was given to the Castle.

The Prague Castle - residence of Czech kings, queens and Presidents

The Castle has always been the official residence of Czech kings and queens. You will need a whole day to examine this masterpiece in depth. You will definitely love wandering around in its courtyards, gardens, palaces and the museums and you can’t stop admiring the overwhelming beauty of the Castle especially the place where for thousand years the seat of former Czech kings, emperors and presidents were placed. The Castle serves as the premier tourist attraction and makes Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The St. Vitus Cathedral dominates the whole castle ground. The medieval masters have beautifully decorated the interior of the church. The rays of the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows give a perfect look to the interior of the Castle. The Castle also reminds about the important saints and Czech rulers as they are buried in the cathedral inside the Castle. There is golden gate in the castle and above the large golden gate is the imposing mosaic of the Last Judgement. The main tower of the castle gives an amazing view of the city Prague. Adjacent to the ramparts there is a tiny lane called the Golden Lane and your visit to Prague Castle would be incomplete if you didn’t visit this amazing Golden Lane. The Golden Lane possesses little colourful fairytale houses which were inhibited by ancient alchemists. Franz Kafka the world famous Prague writer also worked in one of the houses in this Golden Lane.

When you walk through the Prague Castle you will feel like if you are visiting a historical gem. The Castle has the finest architecture containing the gothic, baroque and renaissance. The Prague Castle has amazing sights for everyone. During your visit to the Castle any monument might blow you away.

The true treasures of the Prague Castle are in the museums, the Bohemian Crown Jewels are held in St. Vitus Cathedral. The picture gallery of Prague Castle displays the exceptional work of painting masters. You can see these amazing pictures in gallery called "Obrazarna Prazskeho Hradu" on the 2nd court.
The Prague Castle is an amazing place to visit during your trip to Prague. Make sure you do not miss to explore the Castle. If you think that you can’t visit it all by yourself then you can hire some tour guide for you who can show you each and every part of the Castle.

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