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Municipal House

Prague , Art Nouveau , Municipal House

One of the finest Art Nouveau building in Europe is the Municipal House (Obecní dům) In Prague there can be no better example of Art Nouveau building then Municipal House. It is the foremost Art Nouveau building of Prague and is famous for its eye catching architecture. [...]

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National Theatre

Prague , Opera , ballet

A national monument of Czech history and art is the National Theatre of Prague. Its foundation stone was laid on May 16, 1868. Its construction was facilitated by the collection of money among the broad masses of people. [...]

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Prague , Baroque , Clementinum

In the exact centre of the historical Prague, near the famous Charles Bridge, is situated a large historic complex Clementinum it is actually a complex of buildings and covers an area of almost 20,000 square meters. For centuries the Clementinum was one of the largest building complexes in Europe. [...]

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Prague , Loreto , Santa Casa , Baroque , Cernin Palace

In Bohemia the main Marian pilgrimage destination is Loreto - a sacred shrine standing in Prague. Loreto has a captivating history and is one of the most remarkable baroque historic monuments. The church is famous for its numerous gems including the Carillon and Santa Casa. [...]

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