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No free guides under the Astronomical Clock

  Katia Petersen
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The City of Prague will ban to offer "free guide" services under the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square. These "free guides" will have to move from here to other places of the Square.

"Free guides" operating mainly on the Old Town Square are a big issue on the field of Prague tourist services. Since there is no law regulating such services, quality of "free guides" is very poor and unprofessional. This is why the Czech Association of guides tempts to introduce regulation on this field. "We bring attention to this matter for many years," says Hana Fukova from Czech Association of guides. "We want to introduce exams from history and language."
It is known that "free guides" are mainly foreigners without knowledge of Czech history. Many tourists are complaining that these guides were telling absolutely fictional stories. Clients of these guides are also many times forced to buy souvenirs from "partner shops" or to visit certain restaurants from where these guides take a commission. "The best way how to have professional tourist guide is to hire it from hotel or directly via specialized tourist companies," says Petra Horakova, director of Prague Traveller webiste.
In Prague there is about 2500 registered guides with proper exams (history, language, arts etc.) but only a small part of them are doing this job actively.

 4430,    24  Jan  2015 ,   All About Prague News

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