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Wenceslas Square

If you are looking for a place for shopping or meeting friends or just hanging out in Prague then Wenceslas square is an ideal place in fact the favourite of the Prague citizens. Calling Wenceslas Square the commercial heart of Prague will be no wrong. To begin your itinerary around Prague Wenceslas square can be a great spot where you can find just everything.

Wenceslas Square is the most crowded place in Prague and is famous as a place that never sleeps. You can find a number of luxurious shops, fancy restaurants, hotels, casinos and food stands in Wenceslas square. Every minute hundreds and hundreds of locals and tourists pass Wenceslas square. The square is a very interesting place to visit it is surrounded by the statue of St. Wenceslas, the golden cupola of the National museum that dominates the horizons and different outdoor exhibitions.

Horse market of Charles IV

King Charles IV planned to build a town which would be three times larger than the already existing town and the Wenceslas Square build in 1348 was a part of the new town. The square was named Wenceslas square on the name of a Bohemia saint, saint Wenceslas. Wenceslas Square is also famous for many historical events that took place here including the 1969 and 1989 protests. With a lot of history to immerse in the place is also ideal for anyone to walk in the centre of cit from here. The square is 750 meters long with a width of around 60 meters. 650 years ago the square was a horse market and after that it became a parade ground and all kind of organisations and political parties use it for such purposes. Two crosses are embedded in the square in the memory of the protestors who died at Wenceslas Square.

Wenceslas Square is the gathering place for Czechs where they celebrate different events. It is an ideal place where people share their happiness enjoy different sports and the anti communists uprisings.

The square leads towards the most ironic building of Prague the National Museum. The square also leads towards the St. Wenceslas monument which stands in front of the National Museum.

In the beginning of the 20th century the square was redeveloped and most of the buildings in the square were built. These buildings possess the architecture of the Art Nouveau. So if you want to see some finest examples off the Art Nouveau then the Wenceslas Square is an ideal place for you. This architecture is very popular in Prague.

Hotel Evropa constructed from1907 to 1921 is the most famous of those buildings with its beautiful facade and the glided sculpture group of nymphs that top the building.

Although modern buildings are unable to produce the grandeur of art nouveau but still they give the square an artistic look.

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