Prague's Highlights

Wenceslas Square

Prague , Wenceslas Square , Art Nouveau , Charles IV

If you are looking for a place for shopping or meeting friends or just hanging out in Prague then Wenceslas square is an ideal place in fact the favourite of the Prague citizens. Calling Wenceslas Square the commercial heart of Prague will be no wrong. To begin your itinerary around Prague Wenceslas square can be a great spot where you can find just everything. [...]

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The Church of St Nicholas

Prague , The Church of St Nicholas , Baroque , Lesser Town

Today, Prague is uniquely known for its preserved historical sites. The Church of St Nicholas is one of the most famous churches in Prague. Displaying the façade of one of the most valuable baroque building, the church of St Nicholas is the second finest architectural structure of Prague. The visitors are astonished by the monumental interior and the size of the building of the church. [...]

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St. Vitus Cathedral

Gothic , Prague , Charles IV , Prague Castle , St Vitus Cathedral , Maria Theresa , Franz Kafka , Golden Lane

The first one of the biggest and most important churches in the Czech Republic is St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle. The Cathedral is a beautiful example of the gothic architecture. The Cathedral has a tall clock tower and from all over Prague the clock tower can be seen. The tower has a height of almost 320 ft with a 297 stair steps that lead to the large bell. The top of the tower is remarkable while the rest of it has gothic art. [...]

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Prague Castle

Gothic , Prague , Charles IV , Prague Castle , St Vitus Cathedral , Maria Theresa , Franz Kafka , Golden Lane

The largest ancient castle in the world is the Prague Castle, covering an area of almost 7.3 hectares. The Castle on average has a height of 570 meters and is 128 meters wide. It is important as it is one of the most popular sights visited in Prague. The Castle was constructed in the 9th century as a wooden fortress and earthen bulwarks surrounded the Castle. [...]

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Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Prague is famous for its places of various styles and its colourful history. The centre of the old Prague town since long is the Old Town Square. It stands with the historical buildings of Prague and is the oldest and the most important square. Earlier in the 10th century it was founded as a market place with the adjacent European merchants’ roads. [...]

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